Rivers et Roses prides ourselves on practicing responsible e-commerce. We usually like to ask ourself a few questions before we create. They tend to look like this:  Are we harming ourselves? Self-Preservation is essential, or else what good are we. Are we harming others? Humanity is key, or else what good are we? Is anyone being directly or indirectly hurt by doing this? After, all these questions are adequately checked no ,to the best of our knowledge, we shift our focus to earth, to the animals, and to our communities.

Are we harming the earth? Are we harming the animals? Does this benefit our community. 




Now that all safety laws are checked. Another fundamental law we believe is flow over force. Like the river, take it easy and just flow. We truly believe it is in this state that good things happen. Divine appointments are made. This is why our products are majority travel size and ready for adventure. You just never know where life will take you. However, you don't have to sacrifice your luxury care while in transit.


Rivers et Roses represents the energy of the man and female. The Rivers signifying the male, and the Rose the woman. We make sure to include both during the creating process. This is because in nature the only way procreation exist is through both male and female's participation. It's the Yin and the Yang.

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Safe & Luxurious

Can we eat it? Almost, should be the answer. We believe in keeping all living things as safe as possible. Things that are luxurious can't be bought, for instance: health. So why do brands sell things as "luxurious" that slowly deteriorate at our bodies? We truly believe nature provided us with everything it intended us to have to in order to experience a quality life. We just do the research, and package it all up for you in a man made luxurious form, so that you may experience nature in a special different kind of way, however, honestly and truly, nature does all the real work.  #thankyounature