a labor of love - 

our process

Our candle process involves ample time, travel, and study. A significant amount of time and dedication has been spent in quest of finding the most elegant and rich fragrances, with a commitment to only accepting those derived from clean and organic resources.  This process can range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Once our fragrances have met our ethical and ecological standard the discover begins. Using 100% pure essential oil; custom blends are then created by merging complimentary top, middle, and bottom notes. Once the newly custom fragrance is accepted, it is then carefully blended into 100% food grade coconut oil. The oil ratio blends are designed so that each candle can alternatively be enjoyed as a massage oil or body cream, if desired. 



Each of our candles are diligently hand poured. The typical time to create a new candle can take anywhere from 3 - 7 days. This time allows the the fragrances to properly absorb with the wax and mature. The cold and hot throw are tested during the end of the stage.

Cold throw - The fragrance intensity of the candle being released without being lit.

Hot throw -  The fragrance intensity of the candle being released while the candle is burning.


1. 100% Coconut oil.

2.100% Pure essential oils.

This combination yields a beautiful two for one experience; aroma enjoyment and luxurious skin therapy. Essential oils and coconut oil have long been praised for their restorative properties. When you marry the two ancient secrets beautiful things happen. 

Safe for all skin types,

 100% Organic Cotton Wick

100% Organic Cotton Wick

Cotton Wicks

By opting to use organic cotton wicks, we have dramatically lessen human consumption of unknown chemical toxins. This dramatically increases our candle safety for all, especially expecting mothers, infants, and those who experience respiratory sensitivity. You will find no soot with our organic cotton wicks. Not only does our commitment to using organic cotton wicks extend the quality of our candle's burn time, but it also eliminates the burning of toxic chemicals in your home or absorbed in the body, through topical use.