Who is She? Our Rivers et Roses Girl

Our Rivers et Roses girl, or shall we say lady? 

She prides herself on honesty, even if it hurts.

She'll try it at least once, maybe.

Warm meals and Long hot bath are her thing.

Her essence effortlessly permeates the air with royalty.

You may catch her gazing, usually at nature: the sky, that tree, or simply you.

Her mind is always busy, except in yoga.

She values her loved ones, intellect, and health.

Self - Care and Sensuality is her middle name.

This girl rocks all things with flow, comfort, and preferable all organic. She'll even tell you from which country she bought it. 

Her best asset is her smile, then her legs, because this chic is always on the move.

Her confidence is anchored in true grit and life

anyone could learn a thing or two from her, as her wisdom surpasses her age. 

age? did someone say age? This girl doesn't mind with that stuff, as she lives her best life most days. 

tender and gentle, she may be described, but this girl soul burn with a passion for a thing or too. xoxo


Adrienne Banks