Who is He? Our Rivers et Roses Boy

Boy? Did you call him a boy? Our Rivers et Roses guy is nothing short of a gentleman. 

Truly respects women, loves helping out and making everyone smile.

His 20/20 vision should be praised, as he is always miles ahead in terms of ideas, and getting things done.

This fella doesn't mess around when is comes to business, but it's usually for the benefit of those around him.

He loves being resourceful, and he is not a stingy prune by a long shot. 

This guys enjoys his sensual takings as well. 

Perhaps a walk by the beach, a nice warm meal, and a pampering at the spa.

He's no work out buff, as he simply does not have time, but he is committed to his morning push ups, and keeping the mid section in line.

Be very surprised if you find him sleeping in, as this just isn't his thing. 

However, you may find him lying on his couch or sitting at the kitchen table. 

Nevertheless, one thing is for certain,  our guy is a man's man, with a capitol M!

Protection, Provision, and Passion wraps up our Man's Man way of being. 

Adrienne Banks